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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Simple Things in Life...

One of the best things in life is the Hakka's Lei Cha Fan 擂茶飯. Literally, it is pounded tea with rice. What they do is to grind dry tea leaves into a paste while adding water. Sometimes other herbs and spices are added to the leaves to make a more tasting, if not healthier, paste. In the past, each Hakka household was said to have their own secret recipe to the making of this tea paste.

Julienes of tuofu, beans and other vegetables are fried and added to the rice, and served with the tea paste in a separate bowl, filled with hot water.

To eat, you can either add the tea soup spoon by spoon to the rice mixture, or like the way I like it, stir the entire contents into the rice, and have a soup meal...


Blogger corax said...

this looks fantastic! thanks for posting it, esp with a photo. i'm eager to try it out. what kind of tea would be best?

10:17 PM  
Blogger Stephane said...

In Beipu, Hsin Chu county, Taiwan, they use green tea. And the ingredients are quite different: they consist mostly of dried cereals. And it's then reduced to a paste using a stick made of guava tree. (make a search on hakka or lei cha on my blog to see the pictures).

In a Taipei dept store, I've also seen a recipe sold using Chinese medecine.

So, yes, I guess you'r right: everyone has his own recipe of hakka tea!
So I guess

12:31 AM  

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