My Life as A Tea Leaf

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by a 'new' tea J~ brought to our 2nd tea session. The leaves were dark with shades of brownish red. I had a good hard look at them, and wondered out loud that the tea seemed aged and cooked, yet the dark blackish green of the other leaves seemed to say otherwise. When J~ brewed the tea and I had a whiff of the wet leaves, I was bowled over. It was a formosan Baihao oolong, yet there was something else, something strangely puer. The liquor tasted like an oolong with a base texture of a puer. J~ explained that this is a new tea brought recently to the tea forum in Malaysia, created by Mr Shih. Mr Shih didn't reveal a lot, but hinted that the maocha was processed very much in the same manner as a Baihao oolong, with a high oxidation level. It was a highly enjoyable tea, oscillating between an oolong in one brew, and a puer in the next.


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